Were you shown a list of quotes before buying your life or mortgage insurance?

If not, odds are you are paying more than you have to.

Save On Mortgage Insurance

90% of Canadians unknowingly waste money and opportunity by allowing the bank to insure their mortgage. Save money and gain control over future insurance by letting us do it. We will show you a list of quotes from all of Canada’s leading life insurance companies.

Guaranteed Rates

Research shows typical investors lost about 2% MORE than the stock market lost, per year over the past 20 because of that fact that we are emotional beings: We get caught in the panic to buy as markets are rising and then selling as the markets are falling. Our rates our guaranteed but if the stock market goes up we will lock in the higher value.

Get More From Investments

Our guaranteed and fully secured interest rates are higher than the bank’s. As well, you can split the income from the insurance GIC with your spouse but not from the bank GIC.

Business owner?

If you are fortunate enough to have money “stranded” in your corporation, you will be pleased to know that our advanced tax planning gives us options to fund your retirement while minimizing taxes.